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​​​​​​​​ NANCY BOYD  visual artist

After first working as a designer and architectural renderer in Vancouver, Nancy taught drawing and painting at Capilano University for 23 years while also maintaining an active studio practice.  She has shown extensively in the Lower Mainland as well in the US, Australia and Japan.  Her work retains the influences of her early years, notably her fascination with mapping, viewpoints and conflations of scale. 


"I think it is important to remind ourselves to be in awe of the world, to continue to 'see' freshly.  I enjoy looking for beauty in less conventional places.  And although my first love is drawing, the accidents of process inherent in using varied media can also create that fresh and exciting way of seeing as I move through a piece. 


I'm looking for the universal by witnessing and recording the particular, often in highly re-ordered or abstracted ways.  The evidence of my own searching and curiosity may take me to the interior of the body, to the atmosphere of space or to the cell under a microscope.  I often think my curiousity is similar to a scientist's though I have completely different methods.  Instead of looking for 'proofs' in my work, I want only to witness, to take pleasurein creating and to be curious about what I see and what it might mean."

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